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What Makes Direct-Defense Security Solutions a Preferred Brand

Direct-Defense Security Solutions is dedicated to the development and enhancement of cyber security infrastructures. Our team utilizes knowledge from the top globally recognized certifications. We create and improve programs for private, commercial, and government organizations. Your assets are valuable and we provide the best defense, Direct-Defense Security Solutions.

We render value, through our values

Direct-Defense Security Solutions LLC is a minority owned small business administratively centered in Northern Virginia.  We provide cyber security solutions to private, commercial, and government organizations.  Our individually crafted plans result in effective security infrastructures.  With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are committed to providing quality results while remaining rooted in integrity.


Thinking outside of the box to provide proprietary solutions that coincide directly with your current and future state.


We pride ourselves on the accuracy of what we do and how we do; quality assurance is at the root of all operations, programs, and projects.


Work gets done, but not without understanding that we're partners with morals, ethics, and values inclusive of trustworthiness and honesty.


Our focus is on sustainability which requires a full commitment to understand the scope and project requirements.


We love what we do and this shows through our relationships with each client, which is also complimented by how we provide solutions.


Efficiency is essential because of the nature of our technology and cyber security services. Everything is tested prior to launch, even the smallest change.

Leaving our digital fingerprint on today’s challenges, to create a secure tomorrow.

We honorably assume the responsibilities associated with protecting your most valuable assets. Superior professionalism and integrity ensure both our clients and team members experience excellence.
Superior Quality

Our performance driven approach paired with our expert’s exceptional attention to detail results in premium cyber security solutions.

Certified Experts

Our performance driven approach paired with our expert’s exceptional attention to detail results in premium cyber security solutions.


Our highly skilled professionals have the ability to create, develop, and implement a new product, process, or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness, and competitive advantage.

Performance Driven Processes

We have specifically designed processes that allow us to make educated decisions to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your technology processes and network design to minimize adverse vulnerabilities.


Our talented professionals exhibit a compelling emotion, that allows them to be confident, intelligent, and assertive; when it comes to tackling complex cybersecurity challenges.



Direct-Defense Security Solutions LLC
PO Box 616
King George, Virginia 22485 United States
Phone Number (757-714-2782)


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